The castle of Strassoldo di Sopra (Upper Castle), like the nearby twin castle of Strassoldo di Sotto (Lower Castle), still belongs to the counts of Strassoldo who built it more than a thousand years ago.

It’s situated in the heart of a medieval hamlet and is surrounded by a centuries-old park and spring-water rivers. It is a so-called “water-castle”.
To enter into the castle complex you pass through the ancient “Cistigna” arch and stroll along the cobbled path of the “borgo vecchio”.
On the right there are the former Guards’ Houses (Casa Rambaldo and Casa Artuico) and then the the former court/administrative centre of the complex (casa “La Vicinia”).
At this point you will see an overpass connecting the castle’s main building to the church of St. Nikolaus. At the other end of the main building you will see a higher part which is the ancient tower, that once had two floors more.
Behind the church, set in a half circle following the foundations of the castle’s first inner walls, there are the stables, an artisans’ house, the granaries and the archives.
Continuing the walk and after the tower, you will reach two nice iron gates facing each other. On the left side you will admire a the former orchard of the castle, which is now a nice garden embraced by a river. Looking through the gate on the right side you can see the main garden of the castle with many nice flowers and ancient trees. Just a few steps further there is a romantic rice mill, with a wheel that still spins when there’s enough water. When you cross the small bridge on the rice mill’s channel you will enter into the area of the lower castle. The main building of the castle of Strassoldo di Sopra still preserves a magical and cosy family atmosphere with ancient furniture and paintings.
The castle owners open their doors for various activities in order to preserve the complex