{ What the Region has to offer }

Strassoldo is placed in a very central area of the Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia and from here it is easy to reach Triest, Venice and the seaside.

As Ippolito Nievo wrote: Friuli is a compendium of the Universe, because in a very short time you can go from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea, passing through very different and beautiful landscapes: high mountains, sloping hills, green plains and sand or rock beaches and in this small area even the climate and food changes and this offers an enormous variety of attractions to discover.

{ Villages and towns }

The village of Strassoldo
The cute little village of Strassoldo, takes its name from the family of the counts of Strassoldo and is situated in the North East of Italy in the Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, near to the ancient Roman colony of Aquileia, the beach of Grado and the Fortress of Palmanova.In the centre of the village there are two castles: the Upper (Castello di Sopra) and the Lower castle (Castello di Sotto) and the environment is really beautiful and romantic, with flourishing parks and spring-water rivers. The castles are among the very few in Europe that are inhabited by the same family that built them more than a thousand years ago and this is why you breathe the authentic and charming atmosphere of a place that is rich of family memories and tradition.

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{ Villages and towns }

Not far from Strassoldo there is the ancient Roman colony of Aquileia, one of the biggest cities of the Roman Empire, built in 181 b.C. its a cultural pearl and is, therefore, under the protection of the UNESCO. Here you may see very interesting archaeological excavations, which brought back to light not only the Port, but also noble houses, the market place and the “Via Sacra” (the Holy road). You may also visit the important archaeological museum were many interesting findings are preserved and the impressive Basilica which boasts the vastest mosaic pavement of the Western World.

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{ Villages and towns }

The town of Cividale is situated at 30 km from Strassoldo. It was formerly a Celtic seat and took its name from Julius Caesar. It then became the capital of the Langobards. Among the most interesting things to visit there are the dome of St. Assunta dating back to the Fourteenth century, the Langobard Temple, the Devil’s bridge and the National Museum.

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{ Villages and towns }

The small fishers town of Grado was probably built two centuries before Christ as a port for the nearby Roman colony of Aquileia. It is placef on a sand bank 18 km from Strassoldo in a lovely natural environment, with a beautiful Laguna which has hundreds of small islands, of which the biggest one is the Island of Barbana where there is a monastery.The castle roadStrassoldo is placed in the centre of Friuli and from here you can easily reach the so-called “castle and ham road” which leads to San Daniele, the town famous for its raw ham but also for its nice churches and landscape.Upon request you can book a tour on the "castle and ham road".

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{ The Castle and Ham Road }

Strassoldo is placed in the heart of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and its not far from the "Castle and ham road" which leads to the small town of San Daniele del Friuli, a place largely renown for its delicious raw ham, but also for the lovely church of S. Antonio Abbate and its important frescoes.

Upon request you may also book a tour along the castle and ham road.

{ Wine and Pleasure }

The vineyards of this area have an excellent fame. The DOC (denomination of controlled origin) Aquileia wines have a long tradition that dates back to the Roman times. The fact of being near to the seaside and, therefore, of having sandy and clay soil with lots of mineral salts gives the wines a strong taste and flavour, like the red wines Merlot and Cabernet Franc and the white wines Tocai Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay.

{ Golf }

Friuli-Venezia Giulia has an ideal climate for golf players. The particularly long golf season combines the possibility to play for many months and at the same time to enjoy good food and wine. The Region has at present nine golf courts and several of them are not far from Strassoldo.

Further information under www.italia-golf.it/golf/friuli.php

{ Sailing }

The Laguna of Grado and the Gulf of Triest are ideal places for sailing. In the Laguna you can admire and fall in love with an untouched nature lying far away from the loud World. Every year a World renown regatta takes place in the Gulf of Triest.

Clicking here you can book an excursion on a sailing boat with skipper.

{ Il Castello di Strassoldo di Sopra }

Castello di Strassoldo

via dei Castelli, 21 - 33052 Strassoldo I Udine / Italia
Tel. +39 388 9255212 I Tel. +39 3287956140 I Email info@castellodistrassoldo.it